ILLUMNATION – Levu la velojn! (official video)

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02:22 esperanta

Raporti la filmon


We are proud to present you not just a single, but a music video, which we made in collaboration with Gardemarins sailing club.

The song is taken from “Paper Boats” LP (2018)

Music & lyrics by Velvet R. Wings
Lyrics translated by Svetozar Lashin

Lyrics in English:
On the border of the sences
Sunlight falls – and time is changing
We can change everything around us
But nothing ever changes at all

My sky is blue ‘cause I want it to
So I paint it sapphire for you
My heart is full of love, though I know
That my love costs nothing at all

On the border of the sences
Floats my paper boat in the sea of forgets
But I see the savior lighthouse
Set the sails! I’m coming home

Harp, vocals, flute by Velvet R. Wings
Bass guitar, cow bells by Andy Feelin
Acoustic guitar by Lynch
Percussion by Alaksandr Zubko
Sound engineering by Anton “Fenih” Chernobrovkin

Camera – Shprotana
Schooner crew: Alexey Pecheykin, Ivan Gubarev
Camera boat crew: Igor Lisov, Natalia Lisova
Schooner “St. George” of Sailing Club “Gardemarins”

Special thanks to Ekaterina Vlasova, Irina Anatolyevna Zhigalina

“Paper Boats” LP will be available in physical format on our bandcamp page very-very soon, so stay tuned for more news – just subscribe here and visit us on:


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