🔴I learned Esperanto for 9 hours straight (live stream)

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On April 5th, I will be learning Esperanto all day long and live streaming the whole thing! If you speak Esperanto, please stop by and give me some help along the way!

I’m excited to see how much Esperanto I can learn in a single day. I’ve already done this challenge in German and Italian, and it is amazing how much of a language when you really put all your effort into it, even if it’s just for one day. I’m really looking forward to doing this challenge, because Esperanto is a language that I am actually interested in following up on and continuing to improve even after the one day challenge is over.

I will also be participating in the 30 day record yourself challenge (#30DRYC) on instagram, and on my Esperanto Youtube channel (Fingtam.Esperanto). For the challenge, I will be recording myself speaking Esperanto for one minute or less every day for the next month. For more information, check out my instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/fingtam.languages/?hl=en

New to my channel?

Welcome! I am a Linguistics major and an aspiring polyglot. I speak English and Spanish, and I am currently learning French and Esperanto. I make videos twice a week to talk about my methods of learning languages and to try to help others make language learning faster, easier, and more fun.

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