Esperanto, the Aggressor Language

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Esperanto, the Aggressor Language

From the 1950s through the 1970s, Esperanto was used by the US Army for war games, as the language of the “Maneuver Enemy”, also known as the “Aggressor”. The goal was an added touch of realism, with the enemy speaking a “foreign” language. Spanish was the original candidate for Aggressor’s national language, but it was soon superseded by Esperanto.

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The Universal Language is a new documentary from Academy Award-nominated director Sam Green (The Weather Underground). This 30-minute film traces the history of Esperanto, an artificial language that was created in the late 1800s by a Polish eye doctor who believed that if everyone in the world spoke a common tongue, humanity could overcome racism and war. Fittingly, the word “Esperanto” means “one who hopes.”


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