Anthem of Esperanto – “La Espero” (“The Hope”)

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“La Espero” (English: “The Hope”) is a poem written by Polish-Jewish doctor L. L. Zamenhof (1859–1917), the initiator of the Esperanto language. The song is often used as the anthem of Esperanto, and is now usually sung to a triumphal march composed by Félicien Menu de Ménil in 1909 (although there is an earlier, less martial tune created in 1891 by Claes Adelsköld, as well as a number of others less well-known). It is sometimes referred to as the hymn of the Esperanto movement.

Some Esperantists object to the use of terms like “hymn” or “anthem” for La Espero, arguing that these terms have religious and nationalist overtones respectively.

Into the world came a new feeling,
through the world goes a powerful call;
by means of wings of a gentle wind
now let it fly from place to place.

Not to a bloodthirsty sword
does it draw the human family:
to the eternally fighting world
it promises sacred harmony.

Under the sacred sign of the hope
the peaceful fighters gather,
and this affair quickly grows
by the labours of those who hope.

The walls of millennia stand firm
between the divided people;
but the stubborn barriers will jump apart,
knocked apart by the sacred love.

On a neutral language basis,
understanding one another,
the people will make in agreement
one great family circle.

Our diligent set of colleagues
in peaceful labor will never tire,
until the beautiful dream of humanity
for eternal blessing is realized.


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