Beev Rations – Ajnaj Floroj [Official Audio]

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New Single, PREMIERE: April 19, 2019. Ajnaj Floroj – Beev Rations. Discover this new “surprizo” from Beev Rations, in Esperanto language:

In Ajnaj Floroj (Any Flowers) Beev Rations shows its more intense and touching side, featuring a powerful and memorable performance, over extremely well accomplished lyrics of melancholic beauty, about the -aparent- end of a great love and the strong and oppossed feelings involved. Possibly is that intensity of the experience what may really make you -somehow- live and learn a lot, turning this kind of love drama into a sort of catalyst that, once put in good use, can pull you out to new and clearer horizons. Is it that substratum what makes this song sound epic, like an hymn?

Now, those lyrics (see translation below) are actually the union of two different but related poems (Sur la tombon and Kiel Ajnan) written by Miguel Gutiérrez Adúriz (Liven Dek), a true master of this surprising and magic international language. Being also a polyfacetic and prolific author, this well known spanish esperantist loves music, he is composer himself and has adapted many lyrics into Esperanto for diverse artists worldwide. All this finally lead to this connection between Alan and Liven, fructifiying in the first BR song in Esperanto.

As for the genres, Ajnaj Floroj features a solid, refined and rooted rock wave, that moves and turns around styles as progressive rock, merseybeat, rock-blues, also with nuances of folk, psychedelia and americana. So, take and taste this musical cup of deep red wine. When you note it is heady, you may start to feel vively and then you’ll know you took that kind of cup before, up to the end, up to the tears… and up to yourself too. At last, you’re still here now and nothing happenned…

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