Which Conlang would be the best International Auxiliary Language? [Video in English]

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Let’s face it. Learning a second language is a pain. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were ONE second language we could all learn so we wouldn’t have to learn more than one? Over the years, there have been many suggestions. Ido, Interlingua, Occidental, various national languages or a mix of national languages… which one has the best chance of “succeeding.”

This was a question which was asked on the Duolingo Esperanto forum. Link to the original thread:


To be clear, I think Esperanto’s value is in what you can do with it TODAY, and not in any future “success” the language may have. Indeed, I think it’s not obvious what “success” means here.

For those who are more interested in using an Auxlang than talking about it, I invite you to join and post in my Facebook group “Bablo” where posts can be about any topic but must be in an Auxlang – preferably one at least somewhat comprehensible to Esperantists, Interlinguans, Idists… etc.


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