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Do you want videos from Esperanto events to be awesome with fast pacing and clear audio? Most of them are very slow and boring. You can change that.

I can’t be everywhere. I can’t edit footage from every event. I have too many commitments already. That’s where you come in.

Editing takes time, but it’s relatively easy. Just remove the long pauses and the places where people say “um…” It does make a difference and encourages people to watch videos all the way through.

We can raise the caliber of Esperanto recordings on multiple channels if we work together. You’re not committing to tons of work. You’re simply letting us reach out when the workload piles up and agreeing to help out whenever you can.

Send me an email at alexandervaughnmiller at and say that you’re interested in helping with video editing. You don’t need experience or a particular editing program. We’ll show you the ropes and you can always decline if you’re busy. Let’s do this.

Esperanto-USA’s channel and this channel often post recordings from events but I would love for this team of volunteers to eventually help other channels as well. Let’s say Evildea or Catie Kejti go to an Esperanto gathering. How awesome would it be to have a team ready to step in and go through footage so that our content creators don’t get burned out or feel overwhelmed.

Another great way to help out with Esperanto video-making is by providing financial support as a patron on Patreon. That allows me to spend less time working my other jobs and more time creating Esperanto content.

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