Mini EAS: Civil Danger Warning in Esperanto

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Esperanto would have been a very useful language for transmitting emergency messages if it had fully achieved its goal.

Disclaimer: I am not the best at Esperanto. I did use Google Translate for this but I revised it to the best that I could. There might still be an error or two on the message or screen.

Esperanto is a constructed language that was created by a man named L. L. Zamenhof. The goal of Esperanto was for it to serve as a worldwide secondary language that was easy to learn. This would allow a person of one language to easily communicate with someone of a different language. In addition, the two would not have to spend months or possibly years learning each others’ native language. Sadly, Esperanto did not fully achieve its goal in becoming a worldwide secondary language. However, it did not entirely fail as there are about two million people on Earth who speak Esperanto as a second language.


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