Esperanto: Like a Native

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An interview with 6 of the ca. 1000 worldwide native speakers of the constructed language Esperanto. Video on occasion of the UN International Mother Language Day 2015.

HOT NEWS! A few of us are currently doing an AMA on Reddit:
User names:
verda_papilio = Lívia (Brazilian girl)
leo_esperanto = Leo (Polish/Japanese DJ in Germany)
steleto = Stela = Eszter (French/Hungarian in Brussels)
DJ_Kunar = Gunnar (German DJ)

Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed language in the world, spoken by as many as two million non-native speakers, according to some estimates. There are ca. 1000 native speakers. Esperanto is usually a learned language – a super-easy language that anyone can learn in a fraction of the time it takes to learn English or Spanish for example. Usually it takes only two or three weekends of learning to be able to communicate freely with people around the world. When people spent a lot of time in Esperanto meetings and with their Esperanto friends in many countries, they often choose to speak with their children in Esperanto, thus educating native speakers.

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