18 La Bambo (Esperanto + Español) – jOmO

Polyglot Gathering publikigis antaŭ 4 jaroj

08:21 esperanta

Raporti la filmon


Prepare for the most multilingual concert of your life as you watch jOmO perform in 25 languages at the Polyglot Gathering 2015 in Berlin!

Formerly in the Guinness Book of World Records for most languages sung at a concert (22!), you’ll hear not only his wide variety of languages, but also his wide variety of musical styles. Long known for his lively concerts of folk and rock at Esperanto conventions around the world, now you have a unique chance to watch this concert in its entirety on YouTube!

More info about the Polyglot Gathering: www.polyglotberlin.com

Producer: filmArche e.V.


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