Esperanto ► The Duel ✤ Different mix from “Acetate LP” [HQ Audio] Danse Macabre 1974

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Raporti la filmon


Recorded at Command Studios, Piccadilly, London.

Bruno Libert – Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Vibraphone, Harpsichord
Raymond Vincent – Violin
Gino Malisan – Bass
Tony Malisan – Drums
Tim Kraemer – Cello
Brian Holloway – Guitar
Tony Harris – Viola
Godfrey Salmon – Violin
Glenn Shorrock – vocals
Brigette Du Doit – Vocals
Keith Christmas – Vocals

© 1974 A&M

Esperanto is a language invented in 1887 by Zamenhof, who combined bits of various Romance language to make what he hoped would become a vehicle of universal communication. The Belgo-English band of the same name at the beginning of the 70s had a short but intense career and produced an extremely varied musical repertoire thanks to the many different nationalities, origins and outlooks of its members.

Esperanto Rock Orchestra


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