Esperanto Self-Taught with Phonetic Pronunciation, Volume 3 | William W. Mann | Audio Book | 1/3

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How the military is enlisting fiction writers to anticipate future threats
“The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has brought together a team of writers to help it prepare for the defenses of the future. “By teaming up in the ‘Red Team,’ they are working on scenarios in which the army could find itself in a predicament,” writes Le Monde journalist Raphaël Rérolle.
(…) “The script, entitled ‘Chronicle of a Declared Cultural Death,’ does not claim to be a literary work: it is, in fact, a French army order expressed in words and images by a group of civilian writers, screenwriters, illustrators and graphic designers, some of them well known in their fields, such as Laurent Gainfort, Xavier Momejan, DOA, screenwriter, and colorist Xavier Dorison or Belgian designer and scenographer Francois Schuiten. “The Red Team, as it is called, is the result of an innovative collaboration between the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Paris University of Sciences and Letters (PSL), and a dozen or so authors (no exact figure is reported), including some who prefer to remain anonymous,” the article says.
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