Esperanto Lives Again (2019 Update) #EsperantoLives

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Esperanto is alive and well in 2019. What is it and why would anybody learn it?

I was recently contacted by someone asking for information about Esperanto and I suggested she watch the #EsperantoLives videos that my family and I made in 2015 and 2016 – however, when I went back and watched the videos myself… uh….

… Let’s just say that I saw how far my video editing skills have come in the meanwhile. The original videos are still available to watch, but I wanted to combine them into a a single, coherent story with a little more punch – plus a few updates for 2019.

The #EsperantoLives campaign was an effort to let the world know that Esperanto is alive and well. Numerous people made videos in 2015 and 2016 showing the world how they use Esperanto, and this was a testament to Esperanto’s greatest strength – the people who speak it.

It is thanks to the support of many people that I am able to make regular videos showing Esperanto to the world. A big THANK YOU to the patrons listed below who help make this possible.

Ŝano, Brajeno, Liĉjo, Samuelo — Heather, John Wathen, Rafa, D Gary Grady, Wandajune Bishop-Towle, Julinjo Schwartz — Jasono, Annette Brasor, Benson Smith, Mike Brady, Lance Clark, Chuck Mays, Derek, Brian Hevlin, Karlo Olsen, Jeremiah Stoddard, Zedo, Gary Bisaga — Jiří Lebl, Marc Matteo, Roberto Kingsley, Shayne, Hanso, Tom Hancock, Brion, Emma, Ben, Tim Morley, Ricardo Dahis, Deb K, Jacques, Gene


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