Esperanto Trump Tweet – La rezultoj #neperfekte [In Esperanto with English subtitles]

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When Donald Trump tweeted the name “Mark Esperanto” we knew that people were suddenly going to be searching for that word. I was glad to be in a position to quickly put together a quick 90 second video thanking Donald Trump for the attention on our language, and explaining what he meant to type, who Mark Esper is, and how to find more information on Esperanto if one is interested.

This video is in Esperanto (currently without subtitles) so by way of summary: that video got 5 times the views of what YouTube considers “typical” for my videos, and average watch time was a full minute – which is amazing for a 90 second video. In addition, my video and related comments were shared and re-shared around twitter, allowing tens of thousands of people to hear the message “we are here” from Esperanto speakers.

Will many (or any) of these people actually learn Esperanto? Probably not – but of course the first step is to let people know we are here. There really is no such thing as bad publicity.

Please watch this playlist of videos – at least the first few. First, I think you’ll enjoy them. Second, it will show YouTube that people who watch one video also watch others, thus getting more regular “Esperanto” videos to turn up in suggested for non-speakers who have watched the news stories about Mark Esperanto.

Esperanto Variety Show has been made possible in 2019 thanks to grants from Esperanto USA and the Esperantic Studies Foundation – and especially by the financial and emotional support of the following patrons – viewers like you.

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