How much Esperanto Do My Kids Know?

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This started out as a simple quiz/react video with a twist – but the kids talk a little about growing up with Esperanto and trying to speak it now – so I made up this edit for Esperanto Variety Show.

Keisha asked her kids how much Spanish they know, so I asked my kids the same question – and also encouraged them to answer the same questions for Esperanto. The winner got to choose a restaurant.

To see the kids take the quiz, check out the version of this video over on “Salivanto” – my general language-learning channel.

To take the quiz yourself (try different languages and post your results in the comments here or there) check out Keisha’s original video with her boys:

A big THANK YOU to Keisha at KeishaLuvs Spanish for letting me use clips from her video in the reaction videos.

A big THANK YOU to the patrons who support this channel and make weekly videos possible. Esperanto Variety Show is viewer supported. That means that the bulk of the costs of running this channel are paid for by voluntary contributions from viewers on Patreon. The following people have sent a clear message that they want to see Esperanto Variety Show continue to make weekly content in Esperanto and about Esperanto. Thank you.

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