Ep145: Esperanto for Beginners [7 Quirks]

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Neat gin? Again? Yep. And also interesting history lessons. Although it sounds like Vicky swallowed a Wikipedia page, she didn’t. She’s just a language nerd who goes off on Esperanto Safari – stay with us, because it’s all relevant to how you can grow a more successful business. Yep, we’re on Quirk Number 2, and Vicky and Joe explain why you need your own language, and how it’ll help you gather more raving fans. This podcast also contains sheep, and roofs that aren’t collapsing.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Handmade, custom oak staircases are actually really expensive. FYI.

[5:40] Today, Vicky is going to teach you how to speak Esperanto! (Not really).

[5:55] What is Esperanto?

[8:50] There are several thousands of people who learned Esperanto as their native language.

[9:55] There are people who have also learned Klingon just for fun!

[10:30] Vicky has a quick Star Trek tangent.

[11:25] Joe finds all this unofficial language stuff absurd.

[17:40] Do you have your own language? Well, you should. Vicky explains why.

[18:30] If you’re forming or building a tribe, you want your people to feel a close connection with you.

[21:20] Create a very simple, yet very ‘you’ language that people can get behind and support.

[22:55] Really, really want to join the Breaking Bread mastermind? You might have missed your chance, but sending an emergency email might save you.

[23:35] Next, Vicky and Joe will be diving into the 3rd quirk successful business owners have!

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