Duolingo German A1-A2 Practice and Q and A – ep5

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Guten Tag! Are you learning German on Duolingo? This live stream is for you! In recent weeks we had some English learners join as well – so this time around I’m going to make sure I remember that as I speak English – slowly and clearly.

Hallo, Ich bin’s – der Thomas. I will step through some exercises on Duolingo, explaining the language as I go. Certainly if you have any questions, this would be a great time to bring them. I am an experienced German speaker, language learner, and A1-A2 German teacher – plus it’s likely we’ll have some native German speakers watching the stream and “keeping me honest.”

Personally, I’m preparing to take the C1 fluency exam – so there’s a good chance I’ll make some mistakes of my own in the livestream – and we can all learn from those as well.

Consider bringing up Duolingo on a different device and work on your own daily practice at the same time. If there’s a question while you do, bring it up in the chat! The long form video is good for audio only as well – for listening in your car, while exercising, or while working.

If you’re watching the replay, the first several minutes are just for you. You may want to consider boosting the speed to 1.25 if this start to slow down at all. (You can slow it down too if I’m speaking too fast.)

Keep watching. Leave a comment. We’ll see how this takes shape!

A special thanks this week to my student “Ŝ” whose enthusiasm for German has encouraged me to keep doing this stream.


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