Esperanto-Eventoj kaj EVS en 2020 (filmeto en Esperanto)

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Topics in this video:
– Where have the weekly videos been?
– What is EVS going to be doing in the coming months?
– What’s going on in Esperantujo – especially in North America – in the coming 12 months?
– New Esperanto tree and frustrated users quitting Esperanto because their progress was reset.

Originally this video was going to be a livestream on 12 September. I even set up a stream, but quickly deleted it when I saw that my preferred method for streaming had been discontinued by YouTube. (Did you see the notification of the stream that didn’t happen.) I then thought to make a “quick” video with the same material. I should learn that nothing is ever “quick.”

Are you reading the posts on the community tab?

As I said in the above-linked community tab post, getting this “quick” video uploaded took longer than I expected. It was on YouTube about the time that I was ready for bed – then there were further delays getting the description and other minor details in place. Finally, when I thought I was ready to publish the video, there were some “internal reasons” related to one of the events that I discussed, and I decided to wait a few days for those questions to be sorted out. By that time, it was almost Thursday, so I’m releasing this video o 19 Semptember 2019 as my regular video for this week.

For those interested in such things, there have been more developments in my personal life since I recorded this video. More news to come, I’m sure.

Esperanto Variety Show has been made possible in 2019 thanks to grants from Esperanto USA and the Esperantic Studies Foundation – and especially by the financial and emotional support of the following patrons – viewers like you.

Ŝano, Yevonnael, Brajeno, Liĉjo, Samuelo — Heather, John Wathen, Rafa, D Gary Grady, Wandajune Bishop-Towle, Julinjo Schwartz — Jasono, Annette Brasor, Benson Smith, Mike Brady, Lance Clark, Chuck Mays, Derek, Brian Hevlin, Karlo Olsen, Jeremiah Stoddard, Zedo, Gary Bisaga — Jiří Lebl, Marc Matteo, Roberto Kingsley, Shayne, Hanso, Tom Hancock, Brion, Emma, Tim Morley, Ricardo Dahis, Deb K, Jacques, Gene

The above-mentioned grants from Esperanto-USA and Esperantic Studies Foundation made these videos possible through mid-September 2019.

It’s not too late to get in on ARE this October.

For information on the Southwest Esperanto weekend, see the FB event. Hurry. This is going to fill up.

For info on the Universala Kongreso


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