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There is no shortage of advice out there, but growing a successful YouTube channel is not easy. Here’s what I tried and how I ultimately succeeded in getting to 4000 watch hours and how I got back into the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

This is a celebration video, of sorts. It’s also my way of paying it forward by passing along my experience to other people interested in growing their own YouTube channel.

Another goal of this video is to give a small hint about how much time and effort it takes to do what I do. People often comment “Do more videos like this or that” but the bigger question is whether I will be able to continue losing money on every video much longer.

Getting 4000 watch hours and getting back into YPP is just a very small part of making Esperanto Variety Show sustainable beyond July 2019. What will really help is more people becoming patrons. A big THANK YOU to the following people for continuing to help make weekly videos on Esperanto Variety Show possible.

Ŝano, Brajeno, Liĉjo, Samuelo — Heather, John Wathen, Rafa, D Gary Grady, Wandajune Bishop-Towle — Jasono, Annette Brasor, Benson Smith, Mike Brady, Lance Clark, Chuck Mays, Derek, Brian Hevlin, Karlo Olsen, Jeremiah Stoddard, Zedo, Gary Bisaga — Jiří Lebl, Marc Matteo, Roberto Kingsley, Shayne, Vim.Works, Hanso, Tom Hancock, Brion, Emma, Ben, Tim Morley, Anaburo, Ricardo Dahis

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